Hi! I'm Xin Hui.

My given name is pronounced Sin-Hway (IPA: [sin hweɪ]), and my family name rhymes with Long. My pronouns are they/she.

Person gesturing like they are holding an invisible box in a suit and two space buns, with a rainbow mask on

Photograph by Jason Kay

I'm a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. I work broadly on epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of economics. I am interested in how tools from formal modeling bear on socio-political questions and their upshots.

I currently have projects modelling information resistance and the sociopolitical relevance of such modelling efforts. I am also pursuing a project in human-machine interactions, especially whether/how we interact with algorithmic systems as if they were epistemic agents. On the theoretical side, I am also exploring multi-model interactions, particularly of different scales. On the historical side, I am working on a model of French Revolutionary philosopher Sophie de Grouchy's moral system.

I co-organize Wonder Philosophy Pittsburgh; here's an interview we did with the APA Blog. I am also Pitt's MAP Representative.

Before graduate school, I received a B.S. from NYU Stern in Business (with concentrations in Finance and Computing & Data Science) and Philosophy, and worked in Sales & Trading in Hong Kong for two years.

When I'm not glaring at code (LaTeX or otherwise) or reading, I'm usually:

usually not all at the same time.